Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another All-New position available with another All-New client!!

The weekend is almost here, but exciting things continue to make this week into a great one! The company which KVS partners with, Arise, is growing rapidly every day. Yesterdays post was about a new client available on the portal, never before seen, and today there is another all new client opportunity! The growing opportunities with the company ensure more flexibility and better compensation available to employees of KVS. The new clients are name brands too, if you visit the opportunity announcements on the portal, you will surely recognize the names! Information about these 2 new clients are available on the portal or on the current available jobs page.  Thanks for your continued support of the new KVS blog!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All-New Client available and accepting applications!!

Thank for visiting the KVS blog!! Here, you will find updates and news from Arise as well as KVS. If this is your first time visiting the blog and do not already service for KVS, please visit the getting started page for information regarding what KVS and Arise do, and how to get started working from home.

There is a brand-new client available, newly partnered with Arise.  The class starts in less than a month, so check into this opportunity before classes fill up and it's too late.  The pay and scheduling requirements are available on the Current Available Jobs page, listing number 2 as of today.  Thanks to everyone who reads the blog, KVS certainly appreciates your support.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Now Hiring-5 New Job Openings!!

    Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.  There has been a recent flood of client openings available on the portal.  Currently there are 5 available clients to choose from, and they vary from sales to customer service type positions.  One of these jobs is one of the harder-to-find jobs, the type where you do online chat.  Online chat opportunities are rare and the classes fill up quickly, so act soon if you are interested in a chat job for a HUGE client.
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